Acute shortages of housing in London, with dramatically escalating property prices, make running the register of affordable housing an uphill task at times.

In addition to the intranet service 'Hostels on line', which gives up-to-the minute details on emergency vacancies as well as second stage housing, we have devised our own system of collating wider details of access to housing - right across the spectrum.

A series of housing and hostel providers regularly contact our service for female nominations for vacancies. These include The Women's Housing Trust, Eaves Housing For Women, Single Homeless Project, Equinox Alcohol Service, Westminster Short Life Co op and the YMCA.

Specialist provision for needs such as substance misuse, mental and emotional disorders, debt problems, traumatic backgrounds (such as asylum seekers and victims of violence) are accessible for our clients. Rehabilitation can be a lengthy process but the ultimate goal is one of enabling the client to become fully independent.