For a woman to find herself homeless in London today with little or no money is distressing enough.

Often the root cause lies in destructive and abusive family and relationship backgrounds. Apart from a tumble in self esteem, such women need realistic information on options which are available. Indeed, our clients come from all backgrounds and ages.

Many of our clients have additional problems and needs relating to their mental health, substance misuse, fleeing persecution in their home countries or having a history of offending. These issues need careful consideration if a rehousing plan is to be successful in the long term. Others have suffered discrimination due to their ethnic group, social background or sexuality. Some have just taken a gamble and come into London for employment opportunities and one way or another, things have gone contrary to plan. In reality nearly all clients have run out of other options and need to be channeled in an appropriate direction.

They are put into contact with us by a range of sources from word of mouth, day centres, hostels, advice and legal agencies, statutory agencies as well as through the London media.

We ensure that we are well informed not only about accommodation but also the other related issues - mental health services, family and relationship breakdown, eviction, racial harassment, domestic violence and much more.

Women's Link has developed specialist casework services targeting Black, Ethnic minority and refugee women with support needs, street based sex workers and homeless women around the City fringe.